ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm
ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm
ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm
ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm
ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm
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ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm

מק"ט: K0.0041725
  • 4.6K Super35 ARRI ALEV 4 CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 4.6K 4608 x 3164, Cine License
  • 17-stop dynamic range
  • PL Mount (LBUS), PL to LPL Adapter
  • 12 חודשי אחריות – יבואן רשמי ABS

4.6K Super 35 sensor
Wide lens choice
ALEXA 35 can be used with a vast array of lenses--modern and vintage, anamorphic and spherical, Super 35 and large-format. If you want to shoot with ARRI cameras while fulfilling native 4K mandates, you now have an immeasurably broader lens choice.

19 recording formats
A total of 19 ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes recording formats, incorporating efficient in-camera downsampling and anamorphic de-squeezing, allow you to optimize data rate, resolution, and other parameters, based on your individual needs.

Fast and easy operation
ALEXA 35 is the smallest fully featured ARRI production camera ever, packing the features and processing power of a larger ALEXA into a Mini-sized body that can record native 4K at up to 120 fps. Fast and easy operation is assured through numerous usability improvements and a simple menu structure that will be intuitively familiar to crews. ALEXA 35 is the best A-camera, B-camera, and action camera on the market, all rolled into one.

Support for any situation
ARRI has crafted a new line of bespoke ALEXA 35 accessories that expand the camera's capabilities and ensure maximum speed and versatility on set. In addition to the electronic modules, a complete new set of mechanical support items provides flexible options for any situation, scaling quickly and easily from a small and lightweight setup to a full-blown production configuration.

Built for a long-term investment
Before shipping, every ALEXA 35 undergoes extreme temperature and vibration tests to ensure a lifetime of reliable service on set. During development, the camera was shaken, frozen, cooked, and subjected to blunt impact trauma, while connectors were repeatedly stress-tested by robotic arms. The result? ALEXA 35 is temperature resistant, splash and dust-proof, and built to last, delivering a safe return on investment.

Short film series "Encounters"
Eleven filmmakers from around the world were given an ALEXA 35 and asked to tell a visually compelling story about an encounter—a moment when lives intersect, experiences are shared, and new directions are found. Between their diverse locations, lens choices, and shooting styles, the filmmakers pushed the limits of the camera’s dynamic range and explored the ARRI Textures, unloosing their creativity on the new possibilities with color, low light, blazing highlights, and extreme conditions.

What else?
17 stops of dynamic range. 2.5 more stops than previous ALEXA cameras, with filmic highlight roll-off. Easier to handle any lighting conditions, more flexible in post. The best possible source for HDR projects.

Improved sensitivity: lower noise, higher ISO
EI 160 to EI 6400, with color accuracy maintained at all exposure levels. Enhanced Sensitivity option for even cleaner images in low light.

True-to-life colors
Natural and beautifully rendered skin tones. Subtler tonal variations for immersive and emotionally powerful images. Easy workflow with REVEAL Color Science.

  • פורמט וידאו: ARRIRAW
  • מותג: ARRI
ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm
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    • פורמט וידאו: ARRIRAW
    • מותג: ARRI
    ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set -15mm
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    ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set (15mm Studio)
    ALEXA 35 Camera Body
    ALEXA 35 Cine License
    ARRI LPL Lens Mount for ALEXA Mini / AMIRA
    ARRI PL-to-LPL Lens Adapter
    ARRI Balance Utility Dovetail BUD-1
    ARRI B-Mount Battery Adapter
    ARRI MVF-2 Viewfinder Set
    ARRI ALEXA Mini/AMIRA Straight Power Cable KC-50 (6.6')
    ARRI Power Distribution Module PDM-1 for ALEXA 35
    ARRI Production Support Set (Top)
    ARRI Production Support Set (Side)
    ARRI Production Support Set (Bottom, 15mm)
    Limited 1-Year Warranty